Wednesday, May 18, 2016

WYSIWYG Web Builder v9.2.0 Full Incl

WYSIWYG Web Builder v9 is a website builder software allows developers to crte and make websites based on WYSIWYG mning that the made web page will display exactly the way it was designed. Web Builder v9 free download erates HTML tags while you point and click on desired functions; you can crte a web page without lrning HTML. Just drag and drop objects to the page position them and when you're finished publish it to your web server. Download Web Builder v9 full version gives you full control over the content and layout of your web page. --->FTURES:<--- - Navigation bars, Menu bar and many other navigation options. - Visually design your website (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get)- Outputs standard HTML4, HTML5, XHTML, CSS3, P.
- Slidehows, photo galleries, rollover s, rollover text.
- No HTML knowledge required! Just drag & drop objects to the page!
- Layers: Sticky layer, Docking layer, Floating layer, Modal layer, Anchored layer, Strechable layer and more!- The best website builder - No HTML or CSS skills required.
- Master Frames and Master Objects: reuse common element in your website.
- jQuery Theme Manager, crte your own themes for the built- in jQuery UI widgets.
- Built- in Content Management System with many plug- ins (guestbook, faq, downloads, photo album etc).
- Login Tools/Page Protection.
- JavaScript Events: Show/hide objects (with animation), timers, move objects, change styles etc.
- HTML5 Audio/,Flash and more!
- Add custom HTML with the HTML tools.
- Style Manager (global styling, H1, H2, H3 etc).
- Template support (100+). --->INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS:<--- 1- Install the program - Double click on "setup.exe"
2- Do not launch the program. If launched then exit.
3- Copy the file "WebBuilder.exe" from folder to installation directory. erally to :
[ C:\ProgramFiles\WYSIWYG Web Builder 9\ ]
4- Done..Run Web Builder v9 and enjoy.

WYSIWYG Web Builder v9.2 Full version + [10 MB]

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