Wednesday, May 18, 2016


In 8, has provided a rather broad possibilities for personalization of the new interface: You can select one from their color schemes, as well as select one of the preset watermarks home screen. But to many, and this was not enough - set your own background and crte your own color scheme, you can run Decor8 from Stardock.
Stardock company has many yrs experience in software for , especially for Green space design and interface of the operating system, and therefore its products are a cut above the usual tools of independent developers.
Decor8 can replace the background on one of the available complete proposed program developers, as well as user-selected. Moreover can be automatically replaced by the desired amount of time, you can adjust the scrolling background regarding tiles screen (parallax effect), as well as the transparency of the relative to the main interface colors.
Color scheme can be selected from those that do exist by default, crte your own, or automatically erate primary color background . In addition, the color scheme can be applied to the side of the new interface. As an added bonus proposed reduction is the of lines in which the tiles are the home screen (you can not incrse their , it is strictly defined by the system).
8 limits your start screen customization options to only a few provided background s and a few pre-defined color schemes. Decor8 removes these limitations and provides the freedom to personalize your start screen with your own s and colors.
Background s- Choose from more background s to personalize your start screen.- Add your own photos and s- Select multiple s to crte a custom slideshow- Randomize background s in timed intervals for a fresh look- Apply effects to scroll, fade, blur, recolor and add contrast to your background s- Choose your own for your lock screen background
Color SchemesDecor8 will automatically crte a color scheme to match ch of your background s. Or you can customize the color scheme, it's up to you. Custom color schemes can also be applied to your charms bar.
CustomizationControl how many rows of tiles are available on your start screen.
ftures:- Contains the English version and localized Russian.- Fully automatic deleting .
Information about the program :Name: Stardock Decor8Version: 1.0Yr: 2012Platform: 8Language: English and Russian : IntegratedInstallation Instructions:1. Install Decor8-setup.exe
2. ENJOY this FULL Prctivated. It's Fully automatic deleting .
Stardock Decor8 v 1.0 Full - Prctivated [LINK 1] [34 Mb]
Stardock Decor8 v 1.0 Full - Prctivated [LINK 2] [34 Mb]

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