Wednesday, May 18, 2016

VMware Fusion Professional 6.0.4 MacOSX + maker

VMware Fusion Pro 6 is a professional and best software to run on a Mac OSX. VMware Fusion 6 free download allows Mac users like home users, student and business to run without rebooting. Download VMware Fusion 6 full version is the only way to run programs on Mac. VMware Fusion Professional full version is compatible for Mountain Lion, 8 and the Latest Macs. --->FTURES:<--- - Fixed an issue importing a Parallels virtual machine that has no network devices.
- Renamed the Pause menu item to aid with accessibility and automation.
- sy Install improvements for 8.
- Graphics improvements when running the 2013 preview.
- Fixed a multi-monitor behavior on Mac OS X (Mountain Lion) when Use All Displays in Full Screen is selected.
- Fixed an issue that caused Mac OS X (Mountain Lion) guests to see stale directory information when using HGFS.- Fixed error compiling HGFS on Linux 3.6 kernels.- Fixed cancelling of the import of OVF virtual machines.
- Fixed an issue that caused the full screen short-cut to intermittently fail when Caps Lock was on.
- Fixed rept behavior (typematic) on certain versions of Mac OS X (Mountain Lion).
- Fixed an intermittent problem that caused Fusion to quit when the network editor was opened.- Fixed an issue that caused the library and the Fusion start menu contents to get out of sync.
- Addressed graphics issues with Inventor, Altium Designer, and Solidworks.
- Fixed an issue installing on Macs with a user or group named "0".
- USB 3.0 stability improvements.
- Changed the selection color in the library icon view.
- Optimized for Mountain Lion, 8 and the Latest Macs to Deliver the Ultimate on Mac Experience
- Resolved an issue that caused the PC Migration Assistant to not complete when migrating a PC. --->INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS:<--- 1- Install the program - Double click on "VMware-Fusion-6.0.1-1331545.dmg"
2- Use the maker "cr-vmfusion6.dmg" to activate Fusion 6
3- Done... enjoy this new full Relse!
VMware Fusion 6.0.4 [399 KB]VMware Fusion 6.0.4 Setup [511 MB]

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