Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Visual CertExam Suite 3 is software that is specifically designed to provide multiple choice test. You can use this software in a test environment similar to the rl exams can take place electronically. This software is very sy to work with.Visual CertExam Designer allows you to crte and edit your own professional practice exams. It is designed foremost for authors involved practice exam development.Visual CertExam Manager organizes the exams crted in Visual CertExam Designer and presents them to the exam taker. The Visual CertExam Manainterface functions as a rlistic simulation of the actual certifiion exam.--->FTURES:<---- The most rlistic simulation of multiple-choice tests- Ability to work with a variety of multiple-choice questions used in exams- Ability to format your text using Baltz, and alignment- To store all test data (including s) in a single file for sier copying and distribution- Print out and get a preview of exam files- Supports common formats GIF and JPEG- Ability to work in a local network using file sharing- Try to set a for the files to prevent copying, editing and printing them- Start by setting up s to limit testing to begin--->INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS<---1. Install "visual_certexam_suite_setup.exe" and don't run after install finished.2. Copy both "designer.exe" & "manager.exe" from folder.3. Paste and replace original files to installation folder (C:\Program Files\Visual CertExam Suite)4. Enjoy...Visual CertExam Suite v3.3 Full + [12.30 Mb]

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