Wednesday, May 18, 2016

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery 5.6 (32-64 bit) Full +

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery 5 free download is a data recovery software appliion designed exclusively for data recovery specialists. Download UFS Explorer Professional Recovery 5 + combines low-level data analysis and data management functions with high-level data recovery tools. UFS Explorer Professional Recovery is the only software of the UFS Explorer group that allows to alter original information on the storage.
--->FTURES:<--- - Support of s and virtual s
- Carry out thorough data analysis and conduct full-scaled data recovery.
- Full- encryption support
- File manager allows to preview existing file system and recover data from it.
- Recovery after file system format
- For added convenience UFS Explorer Professional Recovery manages simultaneous performance of multitasking operations.
- -on- recovery
- The system will let you open a partition or a storage device specifying name or mount point ( letter, mount path etc.).
- Recovery of complex RAID storages
- Make a permanent changes to the information initially contained on the storage.
- Embedded RAID-Builder mechanism allows to build standard RAID configurations of any level.
- Immediate data access for consistent file systems.
- Among other functions file manager includes files srch and preview, data analysis, identifiion and positioning by file content and file descriptors.
- RAID definition language' used by this software will let you build any custom RAID configuration.
- management system automatically defines storages and opens s, standard and custom RAID configurations as well as virtual s of virtual machines.
- Comprehensive files recovery
- File system recovery manager allows to find files, preview found files and recover them to a local .
- Data consistency analysis and error correction
- UFS Explorer Professional Recovery embraces embedded Hex-Viewer tool that allows to view data on a or separate partition and alter including overwrite data on the storage.
1- Install the program - double click on "ufsxpci32.exe" or "ufsxpci64.exe"2- Use a from ".txt" for
3- Done.. Enjoy this full relse!
Download UFS Explorer Professional Recovery 5 (x86x64) + [21 MB]

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