Wednesday, May 18, 2016

SEUS Partition Master v10 Technician Edition Incl

SEUS Partition Master v10 is a partition management software allows you to perform on partitions, edit, add, delete, test and fix errors in a partition. SEUS Partition Master v10 free download allows you to manage space in hard , add space or volume to a partition, move partition to another one, copy partition and so on.. Download SEUS Partition Master v10 full version All-in-one partition management suite for your computer. Now let's discover the ftures. --->FTURES:<--- - Partition Master can: Resize/ Move partitions, format partitions and delete all partitions.- Operate directly on the map with the drag-and-drop and preview the changes.- Copy wizard to backup all data or copy entire hard to another without reinstallation.- Partition Master can: Delete partitions and crte Bootable .- Advanced partition ftures to maximize computer performance and minimize computer downtime.- Partition Master can: Crte partitions, check partitions and label partitions.- Extend system partition to maximize computer performance.- Basic partition ftures for better managing hard and maximizing computer performance.- Partition Master can: Test, fix errors in a partition. --->INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS:<--- 1- Install the program - Double click on "epm_trial.exe"
2- Do not launch the program. If launched then exit.
3- Copy the dll "Mgr.dll" from folder to this folder: [C:\Program Files (x86)\seUS\seUS Partition Master 10.0\bin]
4- Done.. Run the program and Enjoy full Partition Master 10.

SEUS Partition Master 10 Technician Edition + [30 MB]

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