Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Serif PhotoPlus X6 is a grt program used to edit, enhance and organize you collection. PhotoPlus has enhanced tools - you can sily remove red eye, add amazing effects, restore old s.--->FTURES:<---- If you like cutting people or objects from photos, but hate tackling tricky ars like hair or lves, you’ll love our new Smart Selection and Edge Refinement tools.- Selection brush to select parts of an or cutting out intrie parts of a photo much more refined.- New smart edge refinement improves selections even further; hone in on detailed ars for flawless cut-outs.- Make selections with grt precision.- You can also perform tasks like editing Raw files, HDR merging and more.
Runs and works very faster- PhotoPlus runs faster mns no more waiting for the program to launch, this will help to edit complex or large s and Raw files.
Uncrop without losing quality and adjustment- You can revert after changing settings like editing and adjusting.- Non-destructive cropping makes your original retrievable.
Grt s using noise reduction- coloured specks, blotches, and grains with smless noise reduction. Correct luminance noise or colour noise, directly on a photo.
Mask layers with editable curvesVector masks in brand new PhotoPlus X6 can be crted with fully editable curves that mask layers or adjustments.
Position guides more preciselyPlace sub-pixel guides with incredible meticulousness – perfect for placing items or text in your photo exactly where you want them.
Edit Raw files in more detail- You can drag and drop lighting effects, reduce noise and exposure, adjust white balance, crop, and apply adjustments in specific ars with masks.- Working with Raw files in SLR-optimised PhotoPlus X6.
Zoom in further for better accuracyEditing photos has never been as accurate as in PhotoPlus X6. Zoom in twice as far as before – idl when working with large s.
Edit fill layers at any timeFill a layer with a colour or gradient and start editing, safe in the knowledge that you can go back and edit the layer’s fill whenever you like.
Crte stylish tilt shift shotsThe Depth of Field effect produces a model-like feel in a photo. Just set blur, brightness, and saturation for your very own miniature scene.--->INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS<---1-Install Serif PhotoPlus X6 exe.2-Run the program and use to activateSerif PhotoPlus.3-Done... enjoy this new full relse!

Serif PhotoPlus X6 16 [1 Kb]Serif PhotoPlus X6 16 Full + [Link 1] [260 Mb]Serif PhotoPlus X6 16 Full + [Link 2] [260 Mb]

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