Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Rar Unlocker is the best recovery software for lost or forgotten Winrar s. It supports brute-force attack, brute force with mask and dictionary attack which can restrict the srch ar and shorten the RAR recovery time.--->FTURES:<---- Recover RAR faster with SSE, etc.- Support all RAR files crted by any tools- Shut down computer automatically after recovery- Support multi-core CPU and GPU acceleration- Save recovery process automatically- 3 efficient attack options available
High Recovery Speed- Support multi-core CPUs and SSE to accelerate recovery process significantly. In the case of multi-core CPU, the more CPU cores you have, the faster recovery speed you will enjoy.- Recover forgotten RAR at high speed, regardless of your encrypted RAR archive size.- Program Priority is available to alloe more CPU power to RAR Unlocker and speed up the recovery speed efficiently.
Extremely sy and Safe Operation- With sy and intuitive interface, this enhanced RAR recovery program allows you to sily and safely recover RAR in 3 simple steps.
Powerful Recovery Ability- Recover forgotten s from RAR archives encrypted by WinRAR 4.01 and its previous versions.
Auto-save Recovery State- Automatically save the recovery state every 15 minutes by default so that you can resume the RAR recovery process after the former interruption or stop.
Three Efficient Recovery Options- Brute-force Attack with Mask - Grtly reduce the recovery time by specifying the forgotten length, character set, etc.- Brute-force Attack - Try all possible combinations when you have no id about it.- Dictionary Attack Recover lost RAR by trying the combinations in the built-in dictionary as a . Self-crted dictionary is also supported.--->INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS<---1- Install 'rar__unlocker_trial.exe'2- Do not Launch The App (RAR Unlockermust be closed. Exit from taskbar)3- Go to folder and Copy "RAR Unlocker.exe" from Folder to Install Directory4- Done.. Run RAR Unlocker & enjoy this new full Relse!

RAR Unlocker v4.2 Full + [3.1 MB]

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