Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Partition Magic 8 is a crtive appliion to crte, merge, resize and convert hard- partitions without destroying data. With PartitionMagic Pro, IT professionals can quickly and sily crte partitions on desktop hard s for storing valuable corporate information such as data files, appliions, and operating systems. It enables corporations to secure data by physically separating it from other files. Separate partitions also make backups sier. Now let's discover the ftures.
--->FTURES:<--- - Using PartitionMagic Tools with Norton GoBack If GoBack is enabled on your system and you use any of the tools that are installed with PartitionMagic (for example, BootMagic, PQBoot, PQBoot for , PTEdit) you may experience conflict errors.
- Be aware that there is no undo (after clicking Apply) if you merge two FAT or FAT32 partitions. You must be particularly careful not to merge two primary partitions that include operating systems, as your computer will not be bootable if you do.
- Progress bars are an estimation only and may pause for several minutes, even though PartitionMagic is still working correctly. If you think your computer has locked up, plse be patient and allow PartitionMagic to finish the operation.
- Bad Sector Checking is OFF by default. PartitionMagic ships with bad sector checking turned OFF by default. Modern hard s are designed to avoid bad sectors automatically. However, if you feel that bad sectors may be a problem on your system, turn on bad sector checking (by unchecking the appropriate boxes in the "Skip bad sector checks" list box in Preferences). Turning on bad sector checking ensures that data is not moved or copied to bad sectors; however, this causes the crte, move, and resize operations to slow down considerably. Another way to verify that there are no bad sectors on your is to run the operating system check utility (Check or Scan) and do a surface scan before launching PartitionMagic.
- A non-Asian language version of PartitionMagic should never be used on an Asian language version of NT/2000/XP, as this may cause corruption of filenames and partition/volume set labels.
- You cannot use PQBoot for (a utility included with PartitionMagic) unless there is at lst one primary partition on the first hard . --->INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS:<--- 1-Go to setup folder & Install "setup.exe". Wait for installation to finish
2-RunPartition Magic 8and use to activate.
3-Done..enjoy this new full Relse!
Partition Magic 8 with [42.44 MB]

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