Wednesday, May 18, 2016

O&O Defrag Professional 18 (32-64 bit) Full +

OO Defrag Pro 18 is a system optimization software for designed to speed-up and improve system and computer performance and to achieve 100% optimized systems through defragmenting the hard-drive, free-up space, and remove unwanted and unnecessary files. Download O&O Defrag Pro 18 and say good-bye so slow systems and start-up.
--->O&O Defrag Pro 18 Ftures:<--- - Delete free space on hard s and remove traces of confidential data left over from deleted or temporary files from falling into the hands of any strangers.
- Defragments PCs at the push of a button.
- Optimization of virtual s and Storage Ar Networks (SAN).
- Automatic background defragmentation.
- Reduce and optimize the actual memory usage of virtual machines.
- Extends the life of your hardware.
- Manufacturer-independent optimization for SSDs.
- Optimize SSD drives through TRIM commands.
- Faster backup and restoration.
- Performance incrses of up to 100%.
- Accelerates your Internet browser.
- Prevents new fragmentation from occurring.
- Incrses chances for recovering lost data.
- Defragment multiple drives and shorter defragmentation times and faster system and program starts.
- O&O Defrag is compatible with 7, 8, 8.1, Xp, Vista and runs with 32 and 64 bit systems.
--->How to Install O&O Defrag Pro 18:<--- 1- Install the program - double click on "OODefrag18ProfessionalEnu.exe".
2- Run O&O Defrag and use the from ".txt" for full .
3- Enjoy. You've got yourself O&O Defrag Full Version.
Download Defrag Professional Edition v18.0.39 Incl [21.5 MB]

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