Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Nt 3.1 Pro (for After Effects and Premiere) Mac OSX

Nt 3.1 Pro full for AfterEffects and Premiere Pro. This version is for Mac OSX. We have uploaded the same version for . So, as we said before, Nt is the best plug-in for removing noise and blur in a or picture. Known for it's technology offers you the best tools to decrse the pitch of noise to a lower level. Download Nt for AE on
--->FTURES:<--- - Added support for Premiere Elements 10 (plug-in for Premiere; and Mac OSX).
- Added support for HS-ART Dustbuster 4.5 (OpenFX plug-in; and Mac OSX).
- Improved stability of GPU processing for large frames (such as 8k).
- Several compatibility issues and bugs have been fixed.
- Best noise reduction tool.
- Added support for Assimilate Scratch 6.1 (OpenFX plug-in; and Mac OSX).
- Improved support for Motion 5.0.1 (plug-in for Final Cut, Mac OSX).
- Improved support for new GPUs (Compute Capability 2.x).
- Improved accuracy of color channel processing in temporal filter; colors in fast-changing scenes are now preserved better.
- Updated to new CUDA 4 (improving compatibility with several NVidia GPUs).
- Added support for Vegas Pro 11 and Vegas Studio 11 (plug-in for Vegas; ).
- Optimized use of memory in GPU processing, making rendering more stable and in some cases faster.
1- Extract the file in "Nt 3.1 Pro AE-PR.dmg"
2- Install the plugin - Double click on "NtAE..pkg"
3- Drag "Nt.plugin" -> "Nt for AE/PR4- Enjoy. You've got yourself Nt Full Version.
Download Nt 3.1 Pro Full (for AfterEffects/Premiere) MAC [24.3 MB]

Download Nt for Premiere Pro ( Version)
Download Nt for After Effects CS5/CS6 ( Version)

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