Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Nt 3.0 Pro for AfterEffects CS6 [32-64 bit] WIN

Nt Pro AE v3.0 (32bit & 64bit) Full Version is a plugin for After Effects. Nt tm is plsed to introduce the 3rd eration of its noise reduction solution for digital . Download Nt 3.0 Pro for After Effects free improves the visual quality and incrses the rendering speed. --->FTURES:<--- - Rendering results delivered by Nt v3 in most cases look better than those of the previous versions. - Nt tm is plsed to introduce the 3rd eration of its noise reduction solution for digital .- Optimization of performance settings for multi-core, multi-CPU and multi-GPU systems.- The new major version 3 of Nt improves the visual quality and incrses the rendering speed.- Adaptive Filtration option allows to adjust the filter to the changing noise with better precision now, lding to more accurate noise reduction.- The exact speedup factor can vary in the range x1.0-x2.5, depending on the filter and project.settings (frame size, temporal filter radius, rendering precision), type of processor (speed, of cores, cache size), RAM speed.- Improved quality of temporal filtrations.- Nt can use both CPUs and GPUs at the same time for faster processing.- Improved aorithms better detect and preserve details in filtered data and thus improve the overall visual quality.- Higher performance: x2 faster due to CUDA-acceleration.- You can simply re-render the existing projects with Nt v3 and get better visual output.- Improved accuracy of adaptive filtration.- Nt works even faster with two or more CUDA GPUs.- Built-in Benchmark to msure processing speed with specific hardware and performance settings.- Nt v3 includes the following changes and improvements.
- Higher performance (more): faster due to improved filter aorithms.- Improved quality of noise reduction.- CUDA-based acceleration and filter optimizations combined together enable up to x4 faster rendering as compared with Nt v2.
- Faster noise reduction using modern CUDA-compatible GPUs For example, enabling NVidia GTX 470 or GTX 285 on an i7-based computer makes Nt around x2 faster.- Additional performance optimizations in filter aorithms to achieve higher rendering speed.
Rendering is around x2 faster than in the version 2 (using CPU alone, even without CUDA).
- The speedup may be higher with i5 or Core2 Duo machines or with faster CUDA GPUs.- Built-in Optimizer in Nt Preferences.
- CPUs and GPUs working together.- Multiple GPU support.
Download Nt 3 Pro for After Effects [x86x64] Full Version [8 MB]

Download Nt 3.1 Pro (for After Effects/Premiere Pro) (Mac OSX Version)

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