Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Nextup TextAloud 3.0.71 Full Version +

Nextup TextAloud v3 final free download is a Text-To-Speech software allows users to crte spoken audio from text. Just write a text then TextAloud is your best tool to convert text to audio and voice speech. Download Nextup TextAloud 3 with , will convert text into spoken words using natural voices then export to or WAV file.
--->Nextup TextAloud 3 Ftures:<--- - sily convert text and word to natural, rl-life sounding voices.
- Protects your eyes from stress and strain from too much rding and crte audio for your games.
- Convert text to American, British or Australian English. Essentially, you can choose rl voice such as: John's voice, Anna, Kate's voice, Alex's voice...etc.
- Nextup TextAloud converts text from MS Word Web Pages, Documents, Emails and PDF Files into natural-sounding speech.
- With Nextup TextAloud 3 you can convert PDF to speech , convert DOC to voice free and convert TXT to voice.
- Convert text to female girl voice. Convert text to male voice.
- Nextup TextAloud allows you to set voice pitch and speed, it makes you play with rding voice whether you want it low, high, fast or slow.
- Nextup TextAloud final can be used by all people such as students who get bored rding novels, books or magazines, they can convert those texts into and listen to it in their computer or on phone while they walk.
- Business people can also use this tool to convert text to audio; this saves much time for them.
- Short-sighted people who have rding disabilities can use this software to listen to a text rather to rd it. This also can be done for people who don't like rding.
- To convert a text to audio, click on 'File' and crte new project. Then click on 'Open' in the low menu tab and choose the destination of a text document file, otherwise copy a text and paste to the program. Finally, click on 'Spk' in the tab menu.
- Choose batch converter in case you want to convert multiple texts to speech. You can add multiple files such as: PDF, HTML, DOC, TXT.
--->How to Nextup TextAloud 3:<--- 1- Install the program - double click on "text-aloud-3-setup.exe"
2- Do not launch the program. If launched then exit.
3- Go to folder and Copy/paste "TextAloud.exe" to installation directory.
4- Enjoy. You've got yourselfNextup TextAloud Full Version.
Download Nextup TextAloud 3 Final Incl [24.3 MB]

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