Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Magic ISO Maker v5.5 Full Version with

Magic ISO Maker 2014 final version is an ISO crtor and a powerful / file crting/editing/extracting tool. Download ISO maker and make ISO file from /-ROM or hard , and handle bootable information at mnwhile. Download Magic ISO Maker v5 with , can open / crte / edit /extract / files, and it can convert bin to ISO.
--->FTURES:<--- - Convert BIN or any other format file crted by ing software such as Nero-ing ROM, sy Crte.
- Crte 98/ME/NT/2K/XP/2003 all in one installation .
- Have you ever asked how to ISO to /? Magic ISO maker allows you to sily ISO quickly in few clicks. Just Open the ISO file with Magic ISO maker and click on .
- With MagicISO, you can process the boot information for / file, as well as directly add/remove/extract boot for the / file.
- sily write an ISO- to or , convert a bootable ISO into a bootable .
- Using this function, you can combine multiple OS installation into one / file in order to install multiple OS from one /.
- Best free software to mount ISO files as virtual drives
- Convert to ISO or virtual /-ROM driver software such as Daemon-tools to standard ISO format.
- Use the quick button and the mouse Drag & Drops files between Explorer and MagicISO so that you can handle the /DV.
- Best tool to crte and mount s.
- sily crte a bootable / and bootable 7 or 8.
- Directly edit / file(s)
- MagicISO has ability to crte ISO file.
- You can directly add/delete/rename files or folder in file(s) with MagicISO.
- You can use MagicISO to make / from /-ROM to hard in order to backup / or use it with virtual or Virtual machine.
- MagicISO has ability to make bootable / file.
- MagicISO can also make multiple bootable / file.
- MagicISO can handle up to 10G large sizes so that user can extract / edit / open files in se.
- MagicISO embed Explorer and use the double window unifiion user contact interface.
1- Install the program - double click on "Setup_MagicISO-5.5.exe"
2- Run Magic ISO Maker and use the from ".txt" for 3- Enjoy. You've got yourself Magic ISO Maker Full Version.
Download Magic ISO Maker v5.5 2014 Incl [2.9 MB]

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