Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Photo Crop Editor is an Interactive Photo Editor software for selecting and removing an object in a picture or photograph from its background. The user can then compose the result on a different background to crte a new scene. Interactive Photo Editor works even if foreground and background colors are similar. Now let's discover the ftures.
--->FTURES:<--- 1. Object marking:In this first, coarse step the user quickly identifies the object of interest by marking quick mouse strokes, using left-click for foreground and right-click for background. The software will lookup object boundary automatically.
2. Boundary editing:In the editing step, the user can edit a boundary directly.
3. Bayesian matting step:In this step, it is sy to matte hair from background.
4. The final step extracts the cut out object and compose it onto new background.
--->INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS:<--- 1-Connect Internet. Click on install.
2-Copy a in Below. Click "Install Webroot" Then Past
3-When Finish Installation, Close The Program Totaly. ( Write Click On "Webroot Tray Icon"
Then Click "Shut Down Protection")
4-Done.. Run Webroot & enjoy this new full Relse!
IfoxSoft Photo Crop Editor v2 Full + [5.73 MB]

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