Wednesday, May 18, 2016


HDRsoft Photomatix Pro v4 is the best program for crting HDR s. Its user interface has full control and optimal output. The capabilities of thisHDRsoft Photomatix Pro v4can be a better match s, batch processing, reducing sideeffects in s HDR, allowing Preview and lighting parts. Now let's discover the ftures.--->FTURES:<---- The Exposure Blending: in this case can be sily made without a true HDR s, the combination of the lighting, the picture was different.- Preview allows better when Tonemapping- Ability to reduce the side effects of HDR s- A snowy picture- Ability to work with large files faster- Ability to reduce noise- The lighting store- Batch processing- Better compliance Qabylt Pictures--->INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS<---1- InstallHDRsoft Photomatix: If you use 32bit system then run'PhotomatixPro425x32.exe'.If you use 64bit system then run'PhotomatixPro425x64.exe'
2- After installation is complete. Use to activateHDRsoft Photomatix Pro
3-Done.. Run HDRsoft Photomatix Pro& enjoy this new full Relse!

HDRsoft Photomatix Pro v4 [32-64bit] Full + [15.05 MB]

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