Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Dxtory is the best appliion that allows you to to capture only for DirextX/OpenGL appliion. It also allows you to record s and games in a very high quality via recording original pixel data as it is. VFW c is also supported. The user interface is sy to use and simple. Now let's discover the ftures.--->FTURES:<---- Fast Capture with write-in speed to HDD.- If it is the environment of two or more HDD, this function will accelerate writting speed.- Dual Audio Recording- Only voice changes volume or there is small only game sound, by the conventional mux recording, it becomes possible for it to have been impossible.- Preparation is completed only by specifying two or more holders which save data, and performing speed setting, without using a special file system.- If there are two or more audio input devices, two sound sources are recordable, like game sound and mic input.- If CoreAudio is effective environment ( Vista/ 7), since game sound can also be recorded from an output, only by 1 audio device, two lines are recordable. (* There is also a thing which cannot record sound depending on appliion.)- It is possible to edit it individually later because it is preserved respectively as an independent strm in AVI file.--->INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS<---1-InstallDxtory setup file by double click on "DxtorySetup2.0.119.exe"2-RunDxtoryand click on Register.
3-Click on browse and choose path to folder "DxtoryLicenceFile.dxtorylic"
4- Done..enjoy this new full Relse!

Dxtory 2 Full + [2.8 MB]

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