Wednesday, May 18, 2016


The indispensable companion to your wide-angle lens, DxO ViewPoint fixes perspectives and sily restores the natural shapes of the subjects loed along edges.As both a standalone appliion and as a plugin, DxO ViewPoint offers simple visual tools for making spectacular corrections, along with advanced controls for unrivaled precision.--->FTURES:<---In architectural or urban photography, depending on the position of the photographer with respect to the scene, vertical and horizontal lines can lose their parallelism. DxO ViewPoint lets you sily fix even the most complex perspective problems.Place your anchor points along the lines that you want to fix. Apply your correction: unnatural-looking fa├žades instantly regain their initial apprance. DxO ViewPoint automatically crops the while maximizing the visible field.When a photo contains two perspective problems (horizontal and vertical), you can place the four anchor points of the Rectangle tool to immediately reestablish a frontal view of the object — indispensable when shooting a painting!With 8-point mode, you can handle even the most complex perspectives. Being able to independently place horizontal and vertical guidelines lets you correct the perspective for multiple planes in the same with unequaled precision.Use DxO ViewPoint’s advanced controls to fine-tune settings according to your tastes: adjust the intensity of your correction or modify the crop.Restore true proportions - Natural-looking shapes even with wide-angle lensesThe shapes of the subjects in certain kinds of photos taken with a wide-angle lens tend to appr deformed. Particularly along the edges of the , bodies and faces are stretched and enlarged — a phenomenon called “volume deformation.”Open your , identify the type of deformation, and apply the correction: DxO ViewPoint restores the natural proportions of deformed objects in just one click. This exclusive DxO Labs fture, particularly useful for portrait and group photos, applies corrections that are perfectly adapted to the equipment you use.Thanks to DxO ViewPoint’s exclusive automatic crop fture, you can preserve the proportions of your for a more natural rendering.Want to fine-tune your setting? Use advanced controls to sily modify the intensity of the correction. You can also choose the visible field of your for perfect compositions.Correct distortion - Perfectly straight lines for accurate correctionDxO ViewPoint offers a sophistied tool for correcting different kinds of lens distortions. Barrel, pincushion, or fisheye — master every untoward curve! After you’ve fixed the distortion, you can then sily use perspective correction tools.Thanks to DxO Labs’ know-how, you can use DxO Optics Modules to automatically obtain corrections that are perfectly adapted to your equipment.Developed in the lab following an exclusive calibration procedure, DxO Optics Modules contain extensive information about the characteristics of ch camera and lens. This unique database — which today comprises nrly 15,000 Optics Modules — is continually being augmented.Plugin and standalone appliion - There’s a version to fit your needsTake advantage of 5-in-1 DxO ViewPoint! Use it as a standalone appliion and as a plugin for ® ®, Lightroom®, Elements®, and ® Aperture®.With DxO ViewPoint in standalone appliion mode, apply your corrections directly to your photos. Launch the appliion, open the photos that you want to modify, and make your corrections in just a few clicks.In plugin mode, launch DxO ViewPoint directly from your compatible host appliion, apply your corrections, and save your changes: your host software will display your modified .Visual tools - Fix your s in just a few clicksThanks to DxO ViewPoint’s visual tools, you can directly place your anchor points on the lines you want to fix in your s. The Loupe tool lets you ensure ultra-precise placement at every zoom level. Preview the result, make any adjustments to your anchor points if necessary, and then definitively apply your correction: unsightly convert lines disappr and elements are fixed.and so more.....--->INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS<---1. Close internet connection2. Install appliion to default folder by double clicking on"DxO_ViewPoint_2.1.exe" with admin rights.* Let the appliion to install net framework if it is demanded.** You may need to restart your system.3. Uncheck the box "Participation". Do not update the appliion.4. Run "dxo.viewpoint. .64.bits.exe" in " MPT" folder.5. For your safety, use firewall to stop internet access of appliion.***ATTENTION: Many security software may give warning for . Tested, it is cln.
DxO ViewPoint 2.1.0 Build 14 Full + [226 Mb]DxO ViewPoint 2.1.0 Build 14 ONLY [300 Kb]

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