Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Drmwver CC 2014 Full + with

Drmwver CC 2014 is the final version made by launched on July 2014. Drmwver CC has come with new professional tools for website developers, amateur website builders and all users interested in web developing. Drmwver 2014 is the best website maker, a framework for people who want to crte a website without the knowledge of HTML, CSS, P. Drmwver is based-on WYSIWYG, very sy to use, the interface is friendly and simple and better than Drmwver older versions.
---> Drmwver CC 2014 Ftures:<--- - The best website builder supports all languages (P, HTML, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax).
- Build a website from scratch and use, you have to be a pro web-developer or web-designer. Drmwver CC 14 includes all the tools you will need to start from zero-to-hero.
Here is a shortcut of Drmwver CC 2014- How to make a responsive web design? With Drmwver 2014, you can sily make a responsive layout for your website that fits all devices like PC, mobile and tablets.
- Supports HTML5 and CC3 to crte sticky and cln web designs and templates. It also supports P5x and gives you grt options for server connectivity like P/HTML pagination.
- As we know, Drwver 14 is based on drag-and-drop, you don't have to be a ius to crte eye-ching website, all you do is drag forms and drop.
- HTML editor, visual editor and web-page builder. After making a web-page, you can test it or perform a fast preview on Firefox or Chrome.
- Drmwver CC 2014 interface is crystal-clr, it offers multiple options: " ar" where you can type and , "Design ar" allows you to view what you have d and allows you to drag-and-drop. "Live ar" allows you to preview/debug your and design.
- The drag-and-drop ftures includes inserting , HTML5 , script, table, forms (srch, email, text, textar, ), div, hder, canvas, iframe, media (Flash , Flash SWF, HTML5 audio), buttons ( button, submit button, reset button).
- You can also add JQuery Mobile designs such as (page, layout, forms...etc.)
- You can insert hyperlink or email link to a website, edit text color, size, font weight, font family, add borders/border-radius, insert subscribe form.

Drmwver CC 2014 run under 32-64 bit systems and is compatible with Window 7 / 8 / 8.1 / Xp and Vista. The program is also multilingual.
--->How to Install Drmwver CC 14:<--- 1- Install program - double click on "Set-up.exe" in folder " Drmwver CC 2014".
a.Select "Install" from options.
b.Click on "connect later".
c.Click on accept and use one of the in ".txt".
2- Do not launch the program. If launched then exit. [Do not open!]
3- Go to folder and double click on ".snr.-painter.exe".
Select your product [for example Drmwver CC 2014 (32-bit)].
Click on "" button.
4- Enjoy. You've got Drmwver CC Full Version.
Download Drmwver CC 2014 Incl with [345 MB]Download Drmwver CC 2014 & only [907 KB]

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