Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Digital Anarchy Buty Box 3.0.7 Full + for

Digital Anarchy Buty Box v3 free download is a photo optimizer program for skin retouching plugin provides photographers and digital artists with an sy and powerful way of smoothing out skin and removing blemishes using , Aperture and Elements. Download Digital Anarchy Buty Box v3 with is used for a glamour shoot, senior portraits or just a personal photo, this software give you professional results.
--->FTURES:<--- - Add Texture: Bring back skin texture like pore structure that can be lost because of the smoothing.
- Incrsed Speed: Buty Box is up to 600% faster.
- Automatic Mask: The Auto-Mask button automatically crtes an underlying mask.
- The Auto-Mask does an amazing job of accurately selecting skin tones.
- Control Over Mask: Make changes to the mask with advanced Mask tools.
- With the new speed incrse, you can retouch up to 900 12mp s an hour.
- Smart Skin Smoothing: Adjust the skin smoothing effects with three Smoothing controls.
- Shine Reduction: This slider lets you reduce the hot spots caused by bright lights on shiny/swty skin.
- By using OpenCL, Buty Box Photo is super fast on both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards.
- Batch Processing: Let Buty Box set the mask and smoothing automatically for batch processing.
-Best program grt for labs or high volume photographers.
- 30+ Preset Styles: Add a variety of color effects on top of the basic retouching to give your photo a glamour, fashion, or dark and evil look.
- Detail Sharpening: Use fine-tuning controls to preserve important details like hair, eyelashes and jewelry.
- Smart Skinsophistied aorithms for smoothing the skin ars while retaining the skin texture.
1- Install the program - double click on "Buty Box 3.0.7 PS CE.exe"2- Run the program it's alrdy . No or needed.
3- You've got yourself Digital Anarchy Buty Box v3 full version download.
Download Digital Anarchy Buty Box 3.0 with [13.9 MB]

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