Wednesday, May 18, 2016

CS6 Extended x64x86 Full with DLL Files

CS6 Extended is the best design - crtion software. It allows you to crte astonishing and eye-ching s, pictures, designs, logos, banners and so on. CS6 Extended free download includes multiple tools and ftures you can use to crte, edit, colorize, crop, resize, zoom, add effects to pictures, gradient, extract s and so much more to do! CS6 Extended full version is sy to use, just add an , choose custom size, and start crting eye-popping designs. Now let's discover the ftures. --->FTURES:<--- - CS6 Extended full has come with new effects to apply:-Copy CSS properties from shape or text layers-Apply Blur gallery effects as smart filters- Adaptive Wide Angle filter- Advanced Face Detection- CS6 has came with new version - Crtive Cloud which has enhanced imaging ftures.- In the Crtive Cloud update, the Liquify filter is faster than other versions. The Liquify filter supports Smart Objects, including Smart Object layers, and is applied as a smart filter.- Crte amazing s, pictures, logo, designs for your website, banners for your advertisements.- Conditional actions let you build actions that choose what to do based on one of several different conditions. First, you choose a condition and then, optionally specify an action that plays if the document meets the condition. Then, you optionally specify an action that plays if the document does not meet the condition.- Crop tool changes and enhancements- The board shortcut for Front has changed from F to I for both the Crop tool and the Perspective Crop tool.- Choosing W x H x Resolution from the Aspect Ratio menu displays a Resolution field in the options bar and auto-fills the Width and Height values.- Clicking the double-arrow icon changes the crop orientation by swapping the Width and Height values. This replaces the Rotate Crop Box button.- Front and new presets in the Aspect Ratio menu.- Clicking the Clr button clrs the values in the Width and Height fields in the option bar. If displayed, the value in the Resolution field is also clred.Languages: MultilingualOperating Systems: Xp / 7 / 8 / Vista --->INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS:<--- 1-Install Extended - double click on " CS6 Extended.exe"
2-After installation finishes, close Extended[IMPORTANT!]
3-Now go to folder "DLL "4-Copy and paste the "amtlib.dll" in the 32bit folder for 32bit systems or the 64bit folder for 64bit systems in C:\Program Files\\ CS6 Extended (64 Bit)
5-Now run CS6 Extendedand your good to go!
CS6 Extended Full + DLL [1.3 Gb] CS6 Extended only [1.2 MB]

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