Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Convert Pro 2.12 Full + (for After Effects - Premiere)

Convert Pro 2.12 pro plugin is a professional and optimizer allows users to improve the colors and grain to improve a quality. Download Convert Pro 2.12 pro plugin full with also improves s and convert from Digital cameras to , offering you professional tools to control hue and saturation and get amazing results even when zooming.
--->FTURES:<--- - Convert is available as Stand-alone software as well as a plugin for After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut, Motion, Vegas and .
- Add rl grain to your footage, and render at up to 4k.
- Convert models the characteristics of digital sensors, and provides a complex aorithm to transform digital footage to match your favorite stocks.
- Unlike other plugins that simply overlay grain, Convert rlistically models the amount of grain required for ch color and exposure level in your .
- Best Digital camera to converter plugin - Get astonishing results.
- Rl grain, accurate color moing and multiple platform support.
---->To run the plugin in After Effects and Premiere, run the programs.
- In After effects / Premiere, crte a new project, or open an existing project.
- In the case of a new project, import some media, and drag it onto the timeline (Premiere) or a composition (After Effects).
- If you use Premiere then find the (Effects tab). If you use After Effects then find the (Effects menu item).
- Go the Emulation egory, you will see "Convert" as the only one egory. Drag the effect onto your media and start using it.
- This plugin works and is compatible with Premiere and After Effects CS5.5, CS6, CC.
1- Install Convert Pro - double click on "Convert Pro 2.12 AE CE ()."2- Run the plugin, it's . No or needed!
3- Enjoy. You've got yourself Convert Pro Full Version.
Download Convert Pro v2 for After Effects & Premiere Pro [81 MB]

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