Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Chaos lect v5 is a perfect email and contact management software. It allows you to use contact address book with appointment schedule, task management, and email all linked back to the appropriate contact. You can also Send emails to groups of contacts or distribution lists. Merge personalized messages instd of sending BCCs. Schedule messages to be sent later. Time & Chaos allows you to share your data with everyone on your network with no expensive server add-on required.--->FTURES:<---- The interface is simple and doesn't get in your way to trip you up as you try to get things done!- sy to lrn! You'll pick it up almost as soon as you turn it on and won't need to go to a class just to get started. Time & Chaos is rl world tested by rl users, just like you!- Risk Free Trial! Time & Chaos is FREE to try for 21 days, no questions asked. Should you decide it's not the program for you, it can be sily uninstalled for quick and sy clnup.- The Appointments view lets you see you schedule by day, week, or month. See Today's look at your upcoming week.- Grt interface! Time & Chaos 7 has a classic page where everything apprs on one screen, but there are many ways to change up what you see when you need to focus on a certain ar.- Works with any email software! Chaos 7 lets you link to your current email system for outgoing messages. (If you would like integrated email built in for even more power, take a look at our Chaos lect program instd!)- Use the new Memos and Lists database for the types of data you just don't want to forget.- sy Networking and Rl-Time Sharing! Everyone on the network can use the same databases at the same time and see changes immediately! No additional and expensive server software is required, either!--->INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS<---1- Install Chaos lect.2-After installation is complete, run Chaos lect.3- Use the to activate Chaos lect.4- Done.. enjoy this new full Relse!
Chaos Software Chaos lect v5 Full + [6.45 MB]

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