Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Axure RP Pro v7.0 Full Version +

Axure RP Pro v7 free download is an excellent rapid prototyping software to crte interactive wireframe, HTML prototype, mockup, etc. Download Axure RP Pro v7 full a new framework that supports new interaction events, web fonts, more math and string functions, adaptive prototypes..etc.
--->FTURES:<--- - Conditions to check if a widget is selected and to evaluate the that was pressed for board events.
- Math, string, booln and date operations. Too many to list here. Think JavaScript.
-Then you can erate an interactive HTML website wireframe or UI mockup without coding.
- Page events: OnWindowResize, OnWindowScroll and the mouse and board events.
- Ability to refer to 'This Widget' in various interactions and conditions, i.e. Set text on This or Hide This.
- Axure RP Pro has box, placeholder, shape, and text tool to crte prototype quickly.
- Dynamic Panels have mouse and board events.
- Options when showing and hiding widgets to bring to front, trt as flyout, collapse/expand widgets below, and trt as lightbox.
- All widgets can be hidden, moved, or brought to front (not only panels).
- Using the Event and Case to add action to the wireframe to make it interactive, there are OnClick/OnMouseEnter/OnUp events, and Open Link/Set Widget Value/Show Panel actions.
1- Install the appliion - Double click on "AxureRP-Pro-Setup.exe"2- Run Axure RP and use the ".exe" to activate the program.
3- Enjoy. You've got yourself Axure RP Pro Full Version.
Download Axure RP Pro 7 Incl free download [58.8 MB]

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