Wednesday, May 18, 2016

ABSoft Nt 3.2 Pro for Final Cut Pro X, Motion Full Version

Nt 3.2 Pro for Final Cut Pro X, Motion, this plugin is advanced technology to remove noise from , and s. Best performance for today ratio in its class.
The plugin allows you to:
- To build profiles for this particular device to most effectively push the noise and do not touch the useful information
- Adjust the levels of the rction (if the profile for some rson was built unsuccessfully) and the suppression of different "frequency". - Separately adjust the levels of noise suppression in the Y, Cr, Cb channels (or RGB, your choice)
- Apply Unsharp mask of varying intensity for different "frequency" (see. Above), using the noise profile, ie Sharp only rl details, the noise did not touch him.
- Has support for CUDA.
Platform: only
Language: English
System requirements:
Core / Core2, single or multi-processor
Mac OSX 10.6+
1 GB RAM or higher
True color display with 1024x768 resolution or higher
1- Install the program - double click on "NtFC..pkg"
2- Drag "Nt.fxplug" -> "Nt for Final Cut" ( overwrite ! )3- Enjoy. You've got yourself Nt 3.2 Full Version.
Download Nt 3.2 Pro for Final Cut Pro X, Motion Full Version [34.4 MB]

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