Wednesday, May 18, 2016

8.1 AIO (All In One) [x86-x64] Full Activated

8.1 All In One is an operating system. 8.1 AIO is fully activated in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions compatible with all computers. Download 8 AIO full version now.- No 8.1 Settings were harmed in the making of this ISO.
- No Programs are added to .
- No Registry Settings were modified.
- No Unattended Settings were added to the ISO. --->FTURES:<--- -NetFx 4.5.2
- 8.1 with Update MSDN/ESD download
-USB Fat32 UEFI-bootable split-wim format.
-DaRT 8.1 integrated into boot.wim and winre.wim recovery options.
-UEFI bootdata in addition to BIOS bootdata
-part/apply script with recovery and multi-boot support v1.2.5To access, press shift-f10 during boot-setup and type: MENU

64-bit RTM Sources:

These RTM Sources are the final Build 9600.17031

Installation Indexes:
8.1 (Core) / KMS-Activated
8.1 (Core) N / KMS-Activated
8.1 (Core) Single Language / KMS-Activated
8.1 Pro / KMS-Activated
8.1 Pro N / KMS-Activated
8.1 Pro VL / KMS-Activated
8.1 Pro N VL / KMS-Activated
8.1 Pro WMC / KMS-Activated
8.1 Enterprise / KMS-Activated
8.1 Enterprise N / KMS-Activated
Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro / KMS-Activated
Embedded 8.1 Industry Enterprise / KMS-Activated

Relse File: Win81AIO-Update-24in1-x64-en-US-Jul2014.iso
Size: 5.68 GB
SHA-1: 040AE9F5907BD7272E299E5E7B8ADB477B288377

Language: en-US (English - United States)

Added updates:
KB2899189, KB2920189, KB2931366, KB2939153, KB2939576, KB2950153,
KB2954879-v2, KB2956575, KB2957189, KB2958262, KB2959626-v2, KB2961072,
KB2962140, KB2962872, KB2964718, KB2964736, KB2965142, KB2965788,
KB2966804, KB2967917, KB2969817, KB2971203, KB2971850, KB2972094,
KB2972280, KB2973201, KB2973351, KB2974008, KB2934018, KB2959977,
KB2934520, KB2955164, KB2965500, KB2962409, KB2973448, KB2975061

Embedded-Only update:

SetupComplete.cmd phase (Pre-Activated indexes only):
Defender exclusion for AutoKMS
Warning.vbs short 8s non-uine notifiion

Tools used:
dism for Exports
osimg for ISO mastering
Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (DaRT) 8.1
Added Info folder to Setup dir to annoy credit theives
murphy78 part/apply script v1.2.5

-EI.CFG is present. *You will need to extract the iso and delete this
file to upgrade from a previous version of *. You will also want to
allow setup to download updates during upgrade process.

-Changed from ESD format to split-wim format. There were some technical
hurdles, but I just couldn't integrate without Install failures during
my testing process.
-Winre DaRT 8.1 returned since jun2014 v2.
-Changed KB2975061 new servicing stack update to all boot/winre/install
s and upped the scratchspace to 256megs from the default 32megs.
The extra scratchspace just uses a little more ram for the ramdrive so
you can store things on the X: ram drive during winre or boot.

8.1 AIO (32-64 bit) Direct ISO Full Version [Part 1] [1 Gb] 8.1 AIO (32-64 bit) Direct ISO Full Version [Part 2] [1 Gb] 8.1 AIO (32-64 bit) Direct ISO Full Version [Part 3] [1 Gb] 8.1 AIO (32-64 bit) Direct ISO Full Version [Part 4] [1 Gb] 8.1 AIO (32-64 bit) Direct ISO Full Version [Part 5] [623 Mb]

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